Property albedoTexture does not exist on type 'Material'

Hello and thank you for helping

err: Property ‘albedoTexture’ does not exist on type ‘Material’

And this is my code and its typescript : this.ringText.material.albedoTexture = textureGround;

can you guys please figure it out as soon as possible plz

I have did all the possible things i can do

Hey there. :slight_smile: If you know that the material is of type PBRMaterial then you can cast it to that like below for example. It’s not a bug thou, just one of the joys of using TypeScript. :grinning:

(this.ringText.material as PBRMaterial).albedoTexture = textureGround;

Hmm if you can narrow it down to a more specific question/issue and ideally make a small TypeScript playground for it then I’m happy to try to help, but otherwise I’m not sure how to. :slight_smile:

we would need your code in a proper playground running code: Playground | Babylon.js Documentation