Putting Materials on Imported Model from blender

Hi Guys. I have a 3d model from blender and I import it in my website
I removed the material of my model’s hair and replace it with a material from babylon but my problem is after doing so my model hair turns like transparent. not totally transparent you can see whats behind that mesh I tried material.backfaceCulling = true and still it did not fixed. Can someone help me with this

You can check if the mesh visibilityproperty. A value of 1 means no transparency at all.
I’m wondering if, instead of transparency, it is related to normals. Bad normals means having a dark color where it should be lighted.
Can you check with the inspector?

Other potential issue is zfighting: multiple faces at the same place. This will be more visible if your model has back faces with backfaceCulling set to true.

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Also, make sure that your material does not have transparency enabled / alpha = 1:


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