Range of Scales

I am learning babylon.js and I would like to render meshes that vary a lot in scale. The larger meshes can be 1 million times larger than the smaller meshes. Think of a spaceship and a planet or even multiple planets. Is there any obvious problem or limitation that I should be aware of?

I think solution placed outside BABYLON Engine frame. If angle-size of object is bigger, than 1px of screen (relative point of view), then this Object must be included in render, if not excluded.
Or (for small angle-size objects like as planet or star perhaps need make simulation object or point on environment texture or star-sps or point cloud object. It depend of star field realization in your simulator.

Also global sizes in scene must be adopt every case relative smallest object, but bigger, when 1px angle-size.
Space is great and any size of standart digits will be not enought for make scenes 1:1 in kilometers or meters.