Re: Add support for multiple shadow generators to lights PR

@Evgeni_Popov, yesterday was my first build of the DTS’es in about 3 weeks, and it picked up the changes made by this PR. In some old code, that I do not really use anymore, but had not moved to archive or tossed, now does not transpile.

Maybe, the code path where you only can have one is non-functioning. Don’t do anything for me. I just commented it out.

It is the normal path and it should work, at least it worked in my testing and for all the unit + visualization tests we have…

Could you just copy paste here the line which is generating the error + the error, in case it rings a bell for me?

Thanks in advance!

The utility function is short enough to just print. Picture, to show error lines

I have been using PBR for about 2 yrs, and no lights. No lights === No Shadows. This code is over 8 years old with periodic updates. For stuff coming through the Blender code generator. Kept this around in active code as long as it was not an issue.

Light._shadowGenerator was not meant for public consumption (which is why it started with a _ and was tagged with a @internal decorator).

Users can still use them at their own risk: we do not guarantee that there cannot be changes to such variables in future updates.

In this case, it would be easy to solve the problem if you needed to by using the existing getter: light.getShadowGenerator() instead of light._shadowGenerator.


Thanks, I changed right before commenting it out.