React / Angular compatibility

Hello , i am a 3d Artist and i learned Javascript some years ago , and now i need to learn a framework to impprove my skills , so i am wondoring what it is the best framework to use with Babylonjs for now .

I need to choose between React and Angular , so what is the most compatibile framwork with Babylonjs ,with a good documentation ?


I would recommend React just because I prefer it :wink:

Hello, I am working with babylon on Angular app in and it works great :slight_smile:

Hi there. I believe react and angular 2+ are best bets however I’d like to make an additional question. Which one will be the best for babylon if I target mobile? Thanks

I would say they are equally “compatible”: Babylon requires a HTMLCanvasElement, and one can provide that with either React or Angular.

IMHO React might be easier to start with.