React-Native: What is wrong while creating SpriteManager from remote/external javascript file


I’m facing an issue when creating new SpriteManager(“name”, “image url”, …) from remote/external javascript file in my react-native application. I’m getting Error parsing URL scheme: URL does not have a valid scheme. But when I’m do this same thing from react-native component file it working fine.



One more thing I have found about the SpriteManager, that is when I create a SpriteManager from React-Native Component File after that the whole process is working fine from remote/external javascript file.

Is this a Bug ???


Hello @Suman , how are you doing?

I’m not sure I understand what you trying to do. Is it possible to repro you usage using a Playground so I can have something to test against using Babylon Native?

This is a playground example:

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ping @srzerbetto

@Suman , what is the URL you are trying to use? I’m asking this because React Native supports relative URLs but Babylon React Native doesn’t. So if you try to use a relative URL the parsing will fail.

Maybe you can provide a repro Github project so we can investigate this better?

Also, I’m assuming you are using Babylon React Native, right? Or is it a webview?

Yes I’m am using Babylon React Native not web-view implementation, and also using Absolute URL from remote javascript file.

ping @srzerbetto has this been resolved?