I wonder following. The 'Babylon toolkit' can solve problem that Unity3D's?

i saw doc that about HTML5 game with Unity3D. (and sorry to immature in English.)

  1. Loading the game takes a long time. : (It takes longer than running through WebPlayer)

  2. Unity runtime capacity is bigger than other engines. (Phaser, cocos2d: 2 ~ 3MB | Unity: 5MB)

  3. There is still Unity’s WebGL build and run-in plug-in stabilization issue.

  4. The application of third-party plug-ins is cumbersome in the web environment.

  5. After the build, obfuscated JS files and binary data files are provided, so there is no need for future micro-modifications (such as performance optimizations).

ref 1 : 2. HTML5 게임 엔진 · HyegeunCho/hgcho-phaser Wiki · GitHub

ref 2 : [참고] HTML5 게임 제작 R&D 보고 자료 · HyegeunCho/hgcho-phaser Wiki · GitHub

Now i’m studying ‘Babylonjs + typescript + react + es6’.
But the ‘babylonjs-editor’ was still difficult.
And i’m familiar with unity interfaces. Especially, ‘UI Drawing’ and ‘scene switching’.

So, Can solve the above problems with ‘BabylonToolkit’?

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Pinging @MackeyK24 who is the author of the Babylon Toolkit for Unity3d

The Babylon Toolkit (Unity Exporter)… Does not have anything to do with Unity Runtime or any Unity GUI or Shader or anything like that…

The Unity Exporter simply EXPORTS your Unity scene content into a .babylon scene file.

The Babylon Scene Manager extension for BabylonJS is what give you all the Unity-Like game dev mechanics. The Unity exporter gives you that Unity Editor Experience when creating youe scene content and attaching your BABYLONJS scripts.

But everything is BabylonJS script code running… somewhere… Most likely my SceneManager extension.

So it not really a Question of can i do that in Unity… But… can you handle those issues with the BabylonJS Game Engine… The Babylon Toolkit just makes it really easy to create your BabylonJS games using the MillionDollar Unity Editor for our Babylon Game Development…

That is freaking Sweet to me :slight_smile:

It just seems like your converting unity game engine directly… But your not… Its just good at what it does :slight_smile:

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Thank you for kind answer.

I’ll try again drawing that GUI. :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot it.
would(should?) you have to change the link address here?

‘The [Babylon Toolkit] is an engine extension…’ in page https://www.babylontoolkit.com/


Thanks again!

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Thanks for the info, i was also searching for that great! :smile: