Realm Designer [Editor]

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a new level editor for some time that I’m trying to make very complete for all kinds of games. It’s not finished, there is still a lot of work to do, but I thought I could start talking about it, introduce it to you.

This project is called Realm Designer. It is intended to be simple to use and intuitive. For the moment it is in French, but I intend to add a language system towards the end for the English language.

All objects are added by dragdrop, so adding materials, scripts and more is also added by dragdrop.
For scripts and to make them easier for beginners, I have integrated a block system that generates JavaScript code. So beginners don’t have to write any more code. But more experienced developers can, used or not the by block mode and write scripts by hand if they want. (Which allows more freedom.)

Example of the block system that i use :

The editor will also integrate a editor of cinematic to create videos when launching a mission for example. A full terrain editor will also be integrated, but external terrains can be imported if done with a modeling editor like 3ds max or blender. It will also have to integrate a model store and documentation via a tab for quick access.

I’m not planning on releasing the editor this year, but I would make updates every now and then to show some more from the editor.

Overview of the terrain editor :


Impressive. Wish you well for its future.

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Bravo à @Dad72 !

Is there a way to test a beta version of your editor ?
Is it an open source project ?

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Thank you.
I don’t have a test version yet. He is not fit to be tested. I still have a lot of work before. But I’ll let you know when it will be.
I have no plans to make it open source for the time being.

Thanks for your reply.
I can’t wait to see the next testable version !

Congrats !!!

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It looks good! And I think the texture paint part alone is very useful for a lot of projects :slight_smile:

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Hey @Dad72 - this looks really cool. The UI reminds me of the Unreal 4 editor UI which is a good thing. I have a few questions about Realm Designer.

  1. Will there be a network backend for Realm Designer? If so consider using colyseus.
  2. Will there be WebXR support?
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Hello @Mr_SquarePeg,

Thank you very much for the encouragement. Yes indeed, I was partly inspired by Unreal for the interface which I find practical and intuitive for users.

I have not planned a network part on Realm Designer for the moment, but it is not excluded.

I also don’t plan on WebXR support, although I would love to, but I don’t have enough knowledge with WebXR or VR. In addition I have no way to test this not having the material (VR headset, controller …). It is not excluded too. But that could be a goal after having an editor that works so as not to overload me with work.

I unfortunately did not advance much his last times. I am on a business project in carpentry and I spend a lot less time in development. I hope to find time to move forward on this Realm Designer project. This project is close to my heart, but I can no longer be everywhere at the same time. I intend to succeed in finishing this project one day. I would inform here as soon as I would have to advance a little again.

I took a look at Colyseus. That sounds interesting and might give it a try when i add this network support

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