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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share that I created an editor (a couple months ago) to help me creating projects even faster. Today I added lights to it. I am using BabylonJS GUI for the UI so I can even display the editor inside a VR scene and interact with it easily.

The main reason to create this editor is because it’s fully integrated with my VR framework created on top of babylonjs. So, instead of models, I can add entire actors (items, enemies, NPCs) with behavior and execute inside the editor, I don’t need to recompile and I can even play with parameters.

I know it looks awful but I don’t want to spend time in the visuals yet, I just need something simple and lightweight to get things done fast.

I tried to use the Babylon Editor but they have no binaries for Fedora.

Ideas, thoughts, tips?

Thank you


Can we try it out?

Hi, thanks for your message. It’s not public yet, to be honest I wasn’t expecting anyone interested in trying.

I can publish it on, I will keep you posted.


Don’t bother with babylon.js GUI. Use a classic HTML GUI. I use Quasar for fast GUI protoyping.

For example here:

or here:

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Shame on you :no_mouth: :grin: So, you actually really did switch to the dark side? :new_moon: :rofl: There’s only one true GUI for BJS. God save the BJS GUI :innocent: :joy:


If you’re slightly a masochist :smiley: Ok, I admint, since we have the GUI Editor it’s changed but IMHO it’s still pain in the ass to create compeitive UIs with babylon.js comparing to the ones created using a modern HTML UI library.

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But you can’t interact with it in VR no? There is still hope for the BJS GUI!


Yes of course… You can do cool things with bjs GUI but don’t forget the context of my answer is coming from:

Of course, I am. I’m also stupid and stuborn :joy: You must have noticed this by now :rofl:
But there’s also good in the BJS GUI and I shall keep supporting its development. Anyone remembers how long it took before we got a proper css? A decade? A generation?… I say we still have a bit of time left :hourglass_flowing_sand: to improve this thingy :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… I can’t wait to see who wins the game! :smiley: :popcorn:

Guys! OMG! I’m not the babylon.js GUI antichrist per se!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How cool it would be write the GUI declaratively, JSX?

Once again and the last time :slight_smile: I suggested to forget about the babylon.js GUI when you want to put something quick and dirty together and be everyone honest it’s much easier in HTML.

Yes, I do love babylon.js (if it wasn’t obvious for anyone yet) :slight_smile: However I use mainly quasar for UI (no VR requirement on my side) and I combine it with the babylon.js GUI when it fits my needs, for example:


Yeah, technically I could use the HTML Mesh (Babylon.js docs) but I think using the Babylon.js GUI has it’s benefits, like contributing or finding bugs, etc.

Can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

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