Realworld Scale

If we build something in Maya and use Realworld Scaling everything is huge compared to the standard Editor scene. Maya native does work in cm.

Are there any rules how big objects should be in Babylon?

It is arbitrary. The only thing is when using a WebXR camera in immersion mode, think Magic Leap, then the distance the headset traveled is measured in meters, so everything needs to be in meters.

I will now do all my assets in meters, Blender, just so anything could work there without changes.


Real world scale is an issue in the Editor.
Everything is so big you cant navigate in the Editor.
And if you use the scale factor in the maya exporter it does not compensate the light intesity.
Everything is much to bright.


For the editor part, do you mean that there are some rendering problems? Or camera is too slow/fast when moving?
You can configure the editor camera when you select it in the scene graph and its configuration will be saved in the .editorproject

Yes the camera is to slow. Thanks for the hint.

Tried to set the camera to a speed of 5.
But now its really strange to navigate. Sometimes its fast sometimes slow again.

I don’t know about Maya, but what does this “Realworld Scaling” tool you’re talking about?

Its not Maya specific.
It does just mean you model 10cm in 10cm
A 12 meter tall tree is 12 meter in your scene.

Yep ok, using Blender (and long ago 3dsmax) I always use realword scaling obviously, and never had issue (1m in Blender = 1 unit in BJS, 1m in 3dsmax = 1 unit in BJS).

However I just take a look into Maya (2017) and export to .babylon a simple 100cm^3 Cube and you’re right, it’s imported as a 100m^3 Cube into the Editor, so it’s not very convenient.

Maybe changing the scale unit inside Maya could solve the issue?

[edit] it seems not…

Maybe you’ll have to change the inertia of the camera too

Moved the discussion over here.

The maya exporter does export objects 100 times to big compared to the Blender exporter.
If i send a 2 meter cube from maya to blender i get a 2 meter cube.

But if i export both as .babylon files the maya one is 100 times to big.

Scaling isnt an option cause the exporter does not recalculate the light intersity.