Scale factor on Maya exporter

Hi everyone! Help please, I am using the Maya Babylon exporter and the scale factor seems to have been adjusted in the most recent update. Things don’t seem to export at the correct scale factor when compared to my earlier assets. I used to scale at 1 scale factor and the scale was correct, since updating the exporter, the assets need to be scaled by 10 to match. Any idea of what is causing this? No world scale has changed on my end from before the update.

@Guillaume_Pelletier is the master of the exporters! I’m sure he can help.

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Scale has nothing to do with the behavior you experienced. An issue was corrected this past spring, related to scene unit.

  • Maya is defining a scene unit(mm,cm,inches,meters…)
  • Babylon is unitless
  • GLTF is in Meter.

if you have a maya scene in cm, then you must have a unitFactor at 0.01 to obtain meter
the underlying pseudo formulat is

gltfScalar = mayaScalar * unitFactor * scale

previous to the correction, the unitFactor was not take in account and the way user adapt was to play with scale.
you may check the unit of your scene and adapt it


@Guillaume_Pelletier thank you so much for your response. This explanation helps greatly. I will check and do some tests with our outputs. Thank you guys!

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