Which VR headset should I choose for my WebXR project which requires web bluetooth

I need a bit of advice. Recently I have upgraded my online rowing web app from WebVR naar WebXR. ( https://ergometer-space.org ) Till now I could only test it using an iPhone or android phone and a simple headset. But in this setup I do not have the immersive feeling, it just looks like that you are looking at small squared area with a 3d image. So next step would be to buy a real headset. But here comes my problem which headset gives me the best immersive experience and does support WebXR and Web bluetooth. (One thing I know that you will need chromium based browser for this) In my first investigation oculus quest 2 would be an affordable option, but due to limited blue tooth support my app is not going to work. For rowing I do need any controllers rowing on an ergometer will move the boat.

So which headset should I buy for this? Any ideas?

(To test if my app is going to work browse to the website and click on connect if it popups a blue tooth selection box, blue tooth works, To check WebXR enable web xr in the options in the 3d widget on the dashboard and click on the vr glasses icon)

Thanks in advantage


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Hi @tijmenvangulik ,

that’s a tough question! :slight_smile: I personally use the oculus quest to test any scene I am working on. It has a wonderful browser that supports many features. but it might not fit your needs for some unknown reasons. It has bluetooth support (as it is an android device), but AFAIK it’s only if dev mode is enabled.
Otherwise, any device connected to your PC will work well. I assume you can connect bluetooth devices to your PC, and if the browser supports it, it should simply work.

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Thank you, it seems that a device which connects to a pc is currently the best option because I can not yet find an standalone device with webxr/webblue tooth support… I read quest can also connect to the pc and without wires (better for a sports device) . But I am a bit worried about the fov of the quests, it needs to be really immersive experience. I think a will not need the highest frame rates because webXR is a bit limited on this.

The oculus team is doing everything they can to provide the best experience possible. And yes, the quest can connect with a cable (quest 1) and wirelessly (quest 2, but i have never tried it). there are other devices out there, of course. I am sorry I can’t help you pick on of them.

Thank you for your input.

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