Recruit a developer, coordinate in Chengdu, and do great things together

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For the future, may I just ask you to use the appropriate category for your posts.
In this case, there’s a Service offers and requests category in the forum that seems appropriate here.

Also, note that the forum has a couple of rules :judge:. One of which is that the forum is english only (and then, understand that ‘english’ is also not my language, but like everyone here I’m doing my best to bend to this rule).

I allowed myself to move your post to the ‘service offers’ category. I hope you don’t mind and meanwhile, let me wish you a great day :sunglasses:

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Would be great to add the translation if someone can :slight_smile: Would be great if it was from somebody who understands

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The title and post approximately:
“Recruit a developer, coordinate in Chengdu, and do great things together”

“Looking to recruit a developer,
Partners that want to make something together and earn some extra money
Based in Chengdu Sichuan”

Google translate made a mess of it so I tried my best. I do not speak Chinese though.

“Please post again in English”
Qǐng yòng yīngwén chóngxīn fātiē


May be you should have tried ChatGPT :grin: I believe the essence is there and I also believe it should be the poster’s duty and responsibility to conform with the rules of the forum :judge: Likely, others would have just deleted it. :open_mouth: …But we are the good people :innocent:, aren’t we? :joy:

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It gives me this with my translator “ImTranslator”

hire a developer
Friends who have ideas to do something together or earn extra money
Contact Chengdu
18516 8x3 512

For hiring, maybe it would be good to explain the project in which you wish to recruit if you want answers.


I updated the title with @Pryme8 title as it sounds good :slight_smile: hope this captures well the intent of the OP

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ThankS, you’re amazing. You can actually use Chinese Pinyin English

3ks. bro
come on

I’m in Hangzhou, kind of want to go to Chengdu, tell me your wechat first

or my wechat is GhostCat_cg

add u