Rectangular 3d elbow

Need help on how to create opened 3d rectangular elbow, I had been trying to start from the bottom part
and I have created the base profile of the future mesh with an array of lines, this is not treated as an enclosed area, though.
I can click on the lines however when I click on space between lines, only object below is picked,
so moving further too sides and top doesn’t make any sense.

Are there any samples / tutorials I can follow after?

My line based mesh (this will not work for me) (left) and what I would like to get (right):

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Hello, this is really hard to understand without seeing your code, could you share a playground so we can help troubleshooting ?

Maybe this could help Creating Parametric Meshes | Babylon.js Documentation

For a simple shape like that you can extrude a rectangle along a quarter circle.


An alternative if to use CreateLathe


@sebavan the problem was I didn’t really have any working code as I was trying to apply completely wrong approach, however both solutions proposed by taulmarill, and JohnK works perfectly for me, so thank you guys you saved me from a lot of headaches.


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