Reducing Babylon CDN load size to increase site loading speed

I am using Babylon CDN for my 360 images on my Shopify site. When I get the GTMatrix site speed report, Babylon CDN has HIGH flag that is showing slows the website load speed. How can I reduce Bablon CDN load size to increase site speed?
Alternatively, how can I prevent it load and I want render it when I click the button?

Are you loading only the core package from the CDN or anything more?
Pinging @RaananW who might help with build sizes and speed.

Out CDN is not slow in any way, but the files you are loading are relatively large. If you want to minimize Babylon’s footprint you will need to import babylon directly to your project and use tree shaking to only load what you actually need.

You can read about it here - Babylon.js ES6 support with Tree Shaking | Babylon.js Documentation

This depends very much on your website’s architecture. Babylon is a web framework that can be loaded async, if your architecture allows it. Load the script async when the button is loaded, and only then will babylon be available to be used.