Reflection Cubemap for Imported GLTF objects

Hello! I love Babylon.js and the documentation / forum support is amazing. Thank you so much.
My question: I’m trying to get realistic reflections on objects from a scene exported from Blender. I see the skybox HDR support on the Babylon side, but what is the best way to make one GLTF object reflect onto another GLTF object? Can that data be baked and exported from my scene into the GLTF materials?

Thanks so much!

As long as the object is real close or not static you would need to rely on reflection probes for it as it would need to be real time data. baking it would not fit here unfortunately: Reflection Probes | Babylon.js Documentation


Yes - I’m dealing with static objects. I see! Thank you. If I have baked lighting in my GLTF material, is it possible to just specify the reflection texture as the reflection probe in BJS?

I have a floor with baked lighting/shadows…if I want to reflect gltf objects sitting on the floor would a mirror texture be better than a reflection probe?

If it is only for the floor a mirror could be good indeed and faster


Thanks again!