Reflection Probes Issues


I have Reflection Probes in Unity, for example:

And then in babylonjs they look like this:
The first one is inverted and shows not the same as in Unity:

The second one is like a mirror and doesn’t look like in Unity…why?

What is causing this Problem?
Is it possible to take the smoothness/till/offset values of unity and have the same in babylonjs?

Best Regards and Thanks in advance,


Adding @MackeyK24

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YO @Leon_Servais is there any way you can send me this scene, so i can try and debug it. You could Private Message me if you like

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Done :slight_smile:

Yo @Leon_Servais

The scene is very busy… i cant tell what is what. We would probably have to do some sort of screen share and you show me your scene… We try and focus on one single reflection probe and try see whats the deal. Private message me to try setup some sort of screen share and you can show me

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