Reflection probe is flipped?

I am running into some odd stuff with a reflection probe.

It seems like the probe is not reflecting “True” data but is showing like a 90 or 180deg rotated and maybe scaled variance it seems like.

Maybe I am doing something wrong: line 781 is where the probe is created.
And every frame its renderlist is updated to be all objects minus the attached mesh.

Its a little easier to see when the mesh is a sphere:

A smaller repro would be amazing here as the probe works as expected in our materials :

I am not seeing any issue ?

the boxes are not showing even close to a correct reflection.

You should always see the sphere in the side facing the sphere on the box

Yes but is not inverted here the issue is with local reflection.

is there a way to fix it? Or would my solution be to make 6 planes and reflection planes and manually make a reflection cube?

No cause it is not part of the probe:

var probe = new BABYLON.ReflectionProbe(“main”, 512, scene);

wrong probes:

generateSatelliteMaterial(yellowSphere, BABYLON.Color3.Yellow(), [greenSphere, blueSphere, knot, mirror]);
	generateSatelliteMaterial(greenSphere, BABYLON.Color3.Green(), [yellowSphere, blueSphere, knot, mirror]);
	generateSatelliteMaterial(blueSphere, BABYLON.Color3.Blue(), [greenSphere, yellowSphere, knot, mirror]);

the red sphere is “knot”

It does not require a fix here, the sphere is not in the list so it is normal you do not see it. also it can not be in the list cause it represents the probe position so you won t see it.

In your case each element should have a probe with a different list.

they do please see above post.

And if you watch the top of a cube you will see the sphere pop up once and awhile, which would be impossible.

Please use this one so we do not mix the mirror and the probe, just a pure probe:

Could you screenshot the issue you see ?

The sphere is not part of the probe so it is not shown anywhere which is accurate and the probe is not inverted ???

I got a really upset baby strapped to my chest, let me deal with that then i’ll whip a demo for you that makes more sense.

Perfect thanks a ton, I am having issues to see the problem here :frowning:

The sphere is a vampire according to physics and never appears in the sphere facing face.

and this is impossible.

Unless I am missing a step in mysetup here, but I set the probe position and its render list

Ideally you would think the cube would act like 6 mirrors.

Simply rotate around the scene and look at the box, you will see that its not showing correct reflections on any of the faces.

This is the issue I spoke about with local reflection and is unfortunately not easy to solve:

So it is not per se a problem in the probe but on the way reflection are applied on the material.

You can find a bit more info in Obtain Reflections and Refractions - Babylon.js Documentation in local cubemap.

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Also in your pg the miror and the probes acts as infinite mirrors creating some weird artifacts :slight_smile: but yes reflections on pure cubes are really hard to get right locally.

hmmmmm, honestly this might not be too hard to workout.

How intensive is it to update a reflection planes matrix?

In the case where I am trying to do a pyramid, I think I can get away with 2 planes for each pyramid. Only 2 faces at any one time could face the user, so if I have a correctly positioned plane and a isolated polygon that has the correct uv I could in fake it cheaply I am thinking?