Reflective material black in gltf model even when environment is correctly set


I created simple GTLF model test with blender and substance painter: (2.5 MB)

It works correctly here:

BabylonJS sandbox shows it black: (PBR_Spheres.glb works correctly in sandbox so the sandbox is operational for me but my model fails to show correctly for some reason.)

Any idea what could be wrong?

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Hi @tlaukkan
Looks related to either the sandbox itself or the bjs 4.2.0-Alpha build.

Here is what i get on 4.1 at least. (note, slight difference from gltf-viewer is because of lighting)

Here it is with 4.2.0-Alpha / Preview cdn

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The problem is your occlusion (ambient) map: the value is read from the r channel, but your r channel is all 0.

The GLTF spec explicitely states this:

The occlusion map texture. The occlusion values are sampled from the R channel.

So I think Babylonjs is right in this regard and displays everything black.

[…] The threejs viewer adds a direct light, that’s why it’s not all black. Just disable the light and everything will become black (see the “Add lights” setting):


Thank you, that did it. Added ambient occlusion channel to substance painter and baked it.