Regarding GUI's does AdvancedDynamicTexture not attach to a scene?

I’ve been reading up on AdvancedDynamicTexture and I’m a bit confused by it, in all the examples it is never added to a scene. Is it agnostic? What happens if you have multiple scenes you wish to switch through?

Here is API - AdvancedDynamicTexture | Babylon.js Documentation

I stand corrected.

For anyone else that may end up here with this question, I created a playground for it:

it accepts a JSON array of things and renders them as a menu


I am not sure that I understand what is your question exactly about, but here is the example of GUI with 2 scenes -

Ahh, the issue I was having was that the examples use a static method and the scene is not provided as an argument in the examples.

I got confused, trying to work out how there was a relationship between the dynamic texture and the scene.

The linked documentation is perfect though, thanks :ok_hand:

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