[REMOTE] Looking for BJS mentor

I am looking for someone that can mentor me on building a kitchen design app.

I have been learning how to code with JS for the past year through different online courses and I want to expedite the process of building this app.

It would be great if you have a math background because I want to add some automation in the app.


  • Vue
  • Babylon.js

On a daily basis, the way we can work is:

  1. I will be posting the features I want to build on Asana
  2. Get on a call so that you can explain how I can build them
  3. Do code reviews on last day’s code

Happy to consider improvements to this process.

Let me know if you can help.


A few tips:

Babylon has the best forum on the web (imho).

Because many people help to learn at the same time.

Quick changes, with many different parts, so the wisdom of a team-effort is great.

The best thing to do is … create a playground. Then ask for how to do something.

That makes it a fun challenge. And the results are often stellar.

Plus you get nice variations on ways to solve differently. Different methodologies.

Last, use playground search to find something similar… then tailor it to your needs.


Also ask wingnut any question, and you will see. : )

… also we generally stick close to BJS topics. Vue or Asana is usually good for a separate thread space, kind of like Unity or Blender, etc.


Thanks I will certainly try this approach anyway.

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Hi gang!

:slight_smile: Nice words, AFalcon, thx… and all correct, except the part about being “good”. :slight_smile: I know a LITTLE about lots of BJS things, but I have been unable to keep-up with all the newest systems/inventions.

One of the more-difficult things about (kitchen) interior design apps… is modelling all the possible appliance styles, and table/cabinetry options, flooring options, and lighting options. Without knowing where the room entry doors will be, where the windows will be, how long counter-top runs are, etc, the project may seem overwhelming. And will we be seeing remote control/voice-control… for stoves/ovens, dishwashers, and recipe-reading TV’s and computers, in the kitchens of the future? New, tech-heavy kitchens could look/work quite differently from what we are accustomed-to.

Kitchen appliance models might best be done… with basic correctly-sized BJS boxes… that have a PICTURE of the front of the appliance… on them. This saves the programmer/modeller from having to do detailed models of MANY types/brands of appliances/cabinetry. Snapping/fitting these appliances into the room floorplan… can be a challenge, too, but easiest if all done in boxes, as much as possible.

Kitchen table… not so easy with a box with a picture pasted to one side. They will often need reasonably-detailed modelling, and how many table/chair styles are available worldwide? About a gazillion. :slight_smile: Counter-top blenders, toasters, microwaves, food-processors, recipe-reading/appliance-controlling computers, all will need to be thought about… whether to accurately/detailed model them… or stay simple… with pictures on the sides of boxes. You will be able to offer MORE types/brands for your users… IF/WHEN you can use boxes with pictures on the sides. Detail-modeling, for example, 20-30 types of faucets/knobs/sinks for the kitchen… could be a 3-year modelling endeavor by itself. erf. Lighting… same issues… how many types of lights are available worldwide? TOO many. :slight_smile:

Materials/texturing… another hell-of-a-challenge… for cabinetry woods/material, for countertops, for flooring, for wall paper/texturing, on and on. An enthusiastic interior designer will want to have EVERYTHING adjustable… they’re just that way… those creative types. :slight_smile:

I don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade… but…this sounds like it will be plenty of work. One thing to TRY to know… are you doing this for ONE design/contracting company? If so, do they use ONLY Hotpoint stoves/ovens… and/or ONLY Whirlpool fridges, ONLY Congoleum flooring patterns/materials, etc? THEN, you can remove some allowed options and start concentrating on “semi-fixed” brands/styles (eliminate some modelling workload).

I’m no pro at these things, but these are considerations that apply to all users-allowed-to-adjust webGL applications/projects. For every choice that you allow a user to have, each will require work-hours by the programmer/modeller, and for the choosing/selecting, previewing, drag’n’drop/snapping power… to allow them to install those choices into the design.

This is NOT the kind of mentoring that our friend constantinos is looking-for, I suspect. The planning stage… is sometimes the WORST part of doing cool projects, eh? I hear ya. My 24 physics-thruster Space Taxi 3D project has been stuck in prototyping stage… for 6+ years now (laziness-stalled on HUD design, dashboard design, physics landing-gear design, and autopilot algorithms), but I don’t really want to complete it. It’s more fun when it stays on-going/open… but not more fun for those who wish to start playing Space Taxi 3d. :slight_smile:

Hey @Wingnut. Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

The V1 for the project I want to build is already completed. It was outsourced to an agency and uses old technologies and it was build in a very complex way.

I want to rebuild the project in a simpler way with new tech. I am pretty sure I can do it with the help of a mentor.

All your concerns above are valid but not important for the near future. Our target user doesnt care too much about this. The problem we are solving is different.

I will PM you the project.




list your “challenges” here.

it creates a “chronicle”

which is a good methodology for learning

shown by wingnut

and concept of “challenges” by naz (below)

It helps

I know a lot about good mentorship

Day gig is fullstack-JS-mentor (for a decade now).

It starts with broad and clear communication style

and patient repetition of concepts : )

Also simple encouragements of what is possible (and not possible) goes far.

  1. so please list TOPICS that you see as a challenge?

With a list we can … randomly guide you through.

What is your first challenge: a couch, a chair, a sink, a bar, an infinity pool?

Anyway, then POC (proof of concept) each as separate playgrounds… MODULES.

Because they all combine together later EASILY, thanks to JS.

  1. There are DOCS on everything to show you how to build each.

Lots of doc reading.

  1. Sounds like you will need to explore textures, materials, shaders, and bumpmaps.

Certain people come to mind (not me).

  1. Development and Build Process are important to standardize early.

Another example, BABYLON.Editors … (long list)

AND Create a custom editor… utilizing BABYLON.Widgets and (awesome) tools made by many already.

  • Dynamic Materials and Textures, and models sounds fun.

@nasimiasl has excellent editor and did some of that. He showed us the concept of “challenges”

I am planet~builder.

So I cant go into depth on bumpmaps for couches or granite shader custom materials for counter-tops. Sorry. : )

When you get to shaders check out @Pryme8 's GLSL thread.

  1. I do have a plastic mesh editor, called polymesh, which is stretchy dynamic ribbon. Maybe that helps to quickly create low poly 3d mesh then cover with img

But I dont control the UV’s much (let them stretch). In my wurld thats ok. but that wouldn’t work for you. You will need precise UV placements (guess).

For that Blender exporter (by another genius) might be good to look into

OR easily Editable low-poly mesh PLUS dynamic materials = something interesting.

Define for yourself a good repeatable PROCESS.

What are your challenges?


: )


If you have any specific questions you are struggling with feel free to hit me up.

I am uber busy these days but if you are stuck with something I might be able to point you the right way.

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i work on make service for build any room-setting in GB

geometrySize : 5kb script build Time :200 ms




Just get a blank screen for playground.

a githup loading error at first loading click on run

Got it now - impressive :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I created a new thread asking feedback on possible strategies I can use Strategies for building an Interior Design App?

Feel free to comment there also.