Kitchen Configurator

I’m trying out BJS as I’m the RnD guy at work :slight_smile:

This is a kitchen configurator I threw together

Babylon.js Kitchen Lab

I’m still struggling a bit since I’m still quite new to 3D, but I’m getting there!

Ps. I find that the performance isn’t optimal yet.
But maybe one of you could tell me what to improve?

You can show the inspector by pressing shift + alt + I


Very good work, again well done.


For performance ideas you can check that doc:

It looks promising!

You have performance issue on this scene on some hardware? 'should not, considering this is a “tiny” scene plus the few drawCalls you have.

What’s disturb me for now is the camera navigation, I think customers (aka: n00bs :smile:) could not success to use this system.

The assets are from an old hackathon we have, where all the textures are in 4k.
Could that be a problem, that lower end devices cannot handle 4k textures?

It’s mostly on my ipad i feel that it’s laggy.

This is from my iMac

So if I understand this correctly
my scene only takes 0.85ms to render
which means everything should work perfectly well even on an ipad.

I’m going to do some more tests :slight_smile:

Testing with reduced textures could be worth it :slight_smile: