Remove Shadow Reflection When scene.renderTargetsEnabled is false

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Is there a way to get rid of mirror reflections when “scene.renderTargetsEnabled” is turned off?


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If you want to remove the reflection for some materials, you should not set scene.environmentTexture and instead set the reflectionTexture property of the materials you want to be reflective.


I didn’t set the scene.environmentTexture, but the reflection appears when the render target is turned off. like in this.

Why did it happen ?

When I turn it back on, there is no reflection.

I think we will need a repro as I don’t repro in this PG:

The ground has a material with a reflection texture set and not the sphere. When disabling the render target rendering the display does not change, the sphere does not get reflections.

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I have found a way to get rid of it. The glass’s texture level is set to 0 and the reflection disappears

textureGlass.level = 0