Render target and draw calls


I have a question about render targets and draw calls. I have a clear scene that includes only loaded meshes and materials. And i pay attention that i have too much draw calls. When i use:

scene.renderTargetsEnabled = false

Draw calls was reduced in 3 times. But i hadn’t any reflection probes/rendering pipelines/volumetric postprocesses etc. In my scene.

Do somebody have any ideas about that?

Yup a prob is using rendertargets to create an offscreen rendering of your scene we can then use for reflections

Hmm… But if i haven’t any reflections in my scene but want to use volumetric light post process what i can do to decrease number of draw calls?

The post process will also require a render target and the draw calls associated.

Reducing their numbers would often be related to merging meshes and so on. Disabling RTTs only will force you to disable any associated features where the draw calls are required.

Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @simon

Yes i just forget to close the topic. Thank you for remind!