Rendering GUI on top of Scenes

performance wise an utility layer is a scene so you will see no difference

Ahh, yeah, that makes sense, thanks for clearifying :slight_smile:

Since it sounds like this isn’t blocking I’ll delay this until its an issue. @Elk feel free to let me know if you need to do this with a utility layer in the future.

I guess I would prefer to do it in utilityLayer, but it seems I should be able to get around it so no big deal right now, if you get the time before next stable, that would be much appreciated, but no rush.

I had the same problem with the GUI not being rendered on top of the scene by default in one of my projects. When opening the inspector I found that the GUI was rendered to the texture correctly (e.g. based on my camera position the texture changed), but that GUI texture was just not rendered to the screen on top of the 3D scene.

The work-around from @Wingnut worked by adding an UtilityLayer first and then creating the AdvancedDynamicTexture on that UtilityLayer. So thanks for that! :slight_smile:

Don’t know if that will solve all the issues, but I still find it strange that one project the GUI works fine without adjustments and other much simpler/smaller project (where I copied the code from my first project) this workaround was needed… :slight_smile:

Note: Moving the GUI to another Layer will remove the GUI also from the scene inspector.

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Can you repro on the Playground? I agree that it should not happen