Required: full time dev to build custom interactive glTF viewers

Hello, BabylonJS community!

We are looking to hire an experienced developer with extensive experience of working with BabylonJS and the glTF file format to create customized glTF viewer modules for a platform we are developing.

The subject project is a virtual racehorse management game and the viewers we will require to be developed will be:

A) A more simple viewer similar to a “character select” screen, and

B) A more complex race viewer which would involve spline animations, state tables, dynamic cameras etc.

Stretch goals would be to add support for AR and VR functionality for some specific modes of use.

We target to complete the project within 6 months and are assuming full-time engagement to be required.

If you are a suitable candidate for this project, please email us at as soon as possible.

Examples of past relevant work will support any applications.

Thanks a lot.


Welcome to the community – Sounds like a fun project :smile: perhaps totally unrelated, but if you plan to tie into any betting I have extensive experience in that area. i wrote the horse betting platform used by Pinnacle Sports (when they offered that!) and also separately a wagering application tied into and other sites. cheers.

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