Reset glTF bind poses?

I’m looking for a command-line tool that can reset glTF inverse bind poses, so that the initial orientation or the bones in the file matches the vertex positions, and the inverse bind matrices are just the bone matrices inverted. This should work as a command line tool that loads, processes, and saves a glTF file.

Can babylon.js do this?

I don’t know a lot about gltf pipelines. Maybe @PatrickRyan is able to help here.

I don’t know of any tooling that will specifically reset the skeleton to the bind pose of the mesh in a glTF file before saving those changes to glTF. I can see why you would want this to be a command line tool for automation, but I’m not aware of anything I can point you to. Could this be created with Babylon as a local JS/TS project? Probably, but I don’t know of anyone who has done something similar and shared with the community.

Have you considered running a Headless instance of Blender via the command-line?

I can’t package Blender with our software. Too big.

Unwrap3D does this. All their glTF exports appear to have inverse bind matrices that are the inverse of the initial bone orientations.

Have you considered making two variations of your file: one with reset poses, and the other with original poses?