Ribbon was divided into pieces

I just try to build a mesh that pass through some given points, says 900 vector3. But I got something like many pieces as below.

The PlayGround is Ribbon Examples | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

Any expert can give some clues? Thanks

This is a Convex Hull problem, I recommend checking some algorithm lessons on it, like: cg-hull3d.pdf (bowdoin.edu), Efficient 3D Convex Hull Tutorial - Codeforces

I have one implementation of that in this repo if you’d like to check it: carolhmj/quickhull-3d: Implementation and visualization of the Quickhull 3D algorithm for the Computational Geometry discipline (github.com)

Thank you @carolhmj for the comments.
I am checking your material, seems that could help.

Are you sure about the geometry you’re expecting ?

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it looks there’s only one path in your geometry… is it expected ?

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@jerome, so glad to see you around !!! :slight_smile: (agree it is the least helpful message of the thread)

just back quickly to help hypothetically about ribbons :wink: