I get two skeletons on export

Not sure why im getting the skeleton duplicated. Im Using Maya 2020

Pinging @Drigax / @PatrickRyan who may have a clue about this, but I think they may need the model to investigate.

@anna, is there any way you can share the model? If you can’t share it, can you create a simple primitive mesh with a couple of bones to see if you can repro the issue in a second model and share that one? We would need to repro to be able to determine what’s going on. Thanks!

I have found the issue. In case anyone else is experiencing the same:

  1. I had 2 skeletons in my file and one was set to hidden. It was not selected to be exported but in the export settings the checkbox was ticked. After I cleaned up the file it was still exporting 2 skeletons so:

  2. delete the bind pose node before Binding the skin for final export