Rooftop Rampage! A 2.5d retro fighting game

Hey all, I have a treat for the forum today:

I’ve put a bit of time exploring controlling sprite animation in-engine, some simple platforming mechanics, raycast based hit detection, @PolygonalSun’s amazing new input system, and some simple knockback mechanics, and it all came together as this slick fighter. Check it out if you have the time!

Check the source here if you have even more time:


Funny fast paced retro style game. Well done!

I have this feedback to retain more initial players that will try your game:

I lost 8 times without striking any blow to the opponent before discovering 1 of the attack buttons (keyboard). Very frustrating. And then I accidentally scrolled down the page to discover there was actually some kind of text only manual. Perhaps an interstitial ‘how to play this game’ in-game page (no scrolling) between ‘press start’ and the actual gameplay state would be helpful to not demotivate newbees.

But don’t let my feedback spoil your fun to code! There’s already pretty much aspects you’ve coded so far in this project. Keep it up!

Code, launch, playtest, repeat. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, I definitely appreciate it. Tutorials are definitely needed for complicated games like fighting games, for sure. Doesn’t help that the cpu is pretty intense. I have some code already in place for a tutorial page/pages, I should just get around to making it :sweat_smile: I’ll probably also figure out some factors of the cpu that i can dial down a bit to give us a difficulty slider of sorts as well.