Rotate exhaust effect of ship towards camera

I have a spaceship mesh, with a separate exhaust mesh. The exhaust copies its ship rotationQuaternion so stay in place, however I want the exhaust plane to always face the camera for a better effect, how would I achieve this? I tried several billboardModes, however none of them seem to get the exact desired result.

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Is this what you want to achieve:


Thanks! Unfortunately not, I still need the one edge of the plane to be attached to the ship… I will clarify with a texture:

Maybe you can compute the normal of the plane, then compute a transformation that transform this normal to the camera view and then apply this transformation to the plane itself… Doing this in camera space should be easier as the camera view is (0,0,1) there, but you will then need to compute a world matrix to apply to the mesh (and in the process maybe freeze the world matrix computation so that the system does not overwrite your own custom world matrix)… Seems a bit involved, maybe there’s another way.

You can also use a ParticleSystem for achieving such an effect:

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I’m going for a specific type of look, and particlesystems would unfortunately not be performant enough when there are many ships in the scene (I tested)

Yes… I might need some help with that lol.