Rotate Mesh with Mouse does only half a rotation

Hey I have a simple Mesh and I want to rotate it which the mouse. Here is a playground:

The thing is the mesh will only rotate for 180° and will flip back after half of a rotation. Does somebody know WHY it will only rotate for 180°. Or is there a simpler way of rotating the mesh?

RotationFromAxis takes 3 orthogonal vectors but you pass it 2 zero vector. I think the behaviour is undefined with such parameters.

Maybe you can use the x/z components of the picked point to derive the angle:

I already thought that my approach isn’t the right one. I like yours much more and it goes into the right direction. However, when the mesh has another x position the rotation will only work around the center.

In this playground I made another x position and added a mesh in the center to visualize that the rotation only works around this part. I tried also to include the mesh position, and subtracted the current position with the pointer position but couldn’t make it work. Something like this:

You can use the startingPoint variable to offset the computations:

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Ah thanks. That makes total sense!

Now I just need to add the current rotation so it won’t bounce when I start to rotate it, but I think that will be done quickly :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help

@Evgeni_Popov, maybe you can help. I played around with .addRotation on the Mesh itself and added a previousPoint variable to track the last (previousPoint) and the first position (startingPoint). This works just a little bit, as I added a threshold of 0.2. The thing is that I want to get rid of that if, so that I can rotate the Mesh without any significant “jumps” while starting with the move. I am not sure if I am on the right track.

The problem is that depending on where you move the mouse you will get jumps or not. If you move it on the right after you first clicked, Math.atan2(1,0) = 90° and you will get a jump. Same thing if you move it left (but the angle is -90° instead). Only if you start moving up or down will you rotate smoothly because Math.atan2(0,1)=0°.

Have you considered using the rotation gizmo for this task, as it is specifically designed for this?

Alright that makes total sense, I think I have to make it a little different then.

Yes I already used the gizmo for that. The problem I have with the gizmo, is when zooming in or out it will not look like it is part of the mesh. It has a different zooming behavior, like with the GUI (but with the GUI it is nice though)

Maybe something like this would help:

It’s for the bounding box gizmo, I don’t know if the same option exists for the rotation gizmo.

Adding @Cedric who will know for sure!

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To get a gizmo with fixed world size, set updateScale to false and change the scaleRatio according to your world and mesh size.

Like in this PG:
scale gizmo | Babylon.js Playground


Wow. This is stunning! Thanks a lot for your effort. Seems like Babylon can handle everything just by its own.

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