Rotation Gizmo vs Bounding Box Rotation Gizmo Behaviour

Mesh rotation behaviour seems to vary between the Rotation Gizmo and Bounding Box Gizmo.

When enabling the Bounding Box Gizmo, meshes that use Euler angles to specify its rotation are unexpectedly converted to a Quaternion angle system.

In the attached video, observe how the rotation system of the mesh changes under the TRANSFORMS menu on the right hand side of the screen. When the mesh is first rotated using the Rotation Gizmo, the rotation values are updated as expected. When the Bounding Box Gizmo is enabled, the angle system is immediately changed to Quaternion Angles.

Is it possible to prevent this conversion from occurring when using the Bounding Box Gizmo?

Adding @Cedric

Prevent, not really but you can convert the quaternion back to euler and set rotationQuaternion to null when drag end for example.


Awesome I think that should do the trick! Thank you!