Rotationquaternion animation


There seems to be a problem when animating a rotation quaternion for a universal camera.

The playground:

Throws this error on the latest version (7.9): Error: Invalid property (rotationQuaternion) in property path (rotationQuaternion). However, it works fine on previous versions such as 6.49.

This will fix it: We are not having quaternion when euler are being used so initializing would make it all work back.

Oh, I spent a while trying to fix this. Thank you!

Is Euler always the default?

Also, the playground mentioned above is in the documentation:

We may want to update it with the Quaternion initialization so that it works.

Oh yup can you share the page ? I ll see to update it


“Camera following a path”

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will be done in a bit :slight_smile:

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