RTMP into Video Texture

Hi Everyone is it possible to use a RTMP as a video texture ??

I don’t know for sure but the only thing needed by Babylonjs is a videoElement. So if your videoElement is connected to source through RTMP I see no reason for it to fail

Okay I will try it and let you know here!


I’m still planning to test it out with an RTMP link (for testing purposes, I was planning to use a youtube link or some mp4 video link) but I want to ask (out of topic question). Theoretically speaking, if I use a video element will it be possible to use the video player controls as well?

If you want video controls like Youtube you may use it like Youtube videos on a mesh (port of CSS3DRenderer.js).

I might not be able to use this. primarily due to 2 reasons. First, I actually struggled to implement this (somehow, the iframe is not rendering properly to the mesh) Second, I actually notice that if you have a model that has walls/doors(like a house mesh) the video can be seen thru walls.