Rubik Cube + Tic-Tac-Toe + Multiplayer = tactictoe

Hi, I made this a while ago and a friend recommended I submit it here for feedback.

It was my introduction to Babylon, and I hope that i will be able to make it a multiplayer realtime game someday. ATM you can choose the “matix size” and play up to 4 players. The (non-humnas) “robots” are a bit lame, ie. they are not AI/ML agents, just random-o.

I would really love some feedback on this project, like stuff that could be better, and UI improvements, and how the game play worked for you". The player instructions are a bit crap.

1 double click to occupy a cube
2 click and drag on a cube to rotate the dimension
3 click and drag on the world to orbit




I might have totally missed it, but - did you provide a URL to try this out? it sounds like a lot of fun :-).


(blush) thanks i had missed that little detail. :smiley:

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Wonderfull !!! cc @PirateJC


Very fun!

I’ll add this to the community page!

Funny variant of the famous game. :slight_smile:

Some small findings and ideas:

  • Depending on viewport size, the ‘Play’ button falls off screen and I cannot start the game.
  • Find a way to put the ‘play instructions’ c.q. ‘rules of the game’ into the game itself, so it is more accessible for new players.
  • Or in the first round, provide hints to the player e.g. ‘click this tile’ or ‘turn view to there’.
  • Add some sound effects and other visual cues when player did something good or bad.
  • Besides colors, give each player some kind of icon that you can also print on the claimed tiles/boxes.
  • Have some kind of orientation so the player always knows which side is up (e.g. a compass or skybox).

Keep up the work.

Added to the community page!

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