Running 2 Babylon Scenes on a single page, Mobile Apple Safari issue


we are experiencing issues when running 2 Babylon Scenes on a single webpage, especially on mobile devices.

As it is working well so far on Android/Chrome devices, it shows unpredictable behaviors on Iphones.

Sometimes the page freezes, sometimes one of the scene doesnt load, sometimes browser app crashes, aso.

My wider question is, if it is a good idea anyway, running 2 scenes on a single webpage and how to ideally implement that.

I think performance wise, its not a good ideay anyway, as both scenes seem to suffer

Are there known issues with Iphones/Safari in doing so?

At the moment, our solution will be to only run a single Scene and keep the pages clean and clear.

Thank you.
Best. Werner

I assume it is not related to 1 or 2 scenes, it is related to the amount of resources you have preloaded on the page. iPhone has a tendency to have poor(er) memory management, so do your best to load resources only when they are needed, and make sure to dispose them right after they are no longer needed.

Okay. Thats useful info.

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