Running BJS application on all VR devices

Can we run BJS applications on every VR device or are there any specific devices? If yes, can the controllers of each of the supported device interact with the objects in VR app?

Yup as long as device supports WebVR/WebXR or the old cardboard technique :slight_smile:

Adding @RaananW if he s got any more precision.

I would recommend starting with WebXR, doc is here Introduction to WebXR - Babylon.js Documentation

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Hi, I am not able to interact with 3D objects in babylon js storybook vr example on my PC. I am using chrome browser. Can you suggest how can I set it up on chrome and firefox on my PC?

We will need a bit more information than that if you need our help. What devices you have, what scene you are trying to run, what chrome you are using (stable? canary?). I am not sure what the storybook example is, so I can’t really comment on that

My best suggestion is to install the webxr emulator in firefox (as firefox does not support webxr naively yet)

Currently, I am not using any device. However, I am using extension on both chrome and firefox. I am using stable version of the browsers. The link for the storybook example is: Storybook

I am able to enter VR mode using the browser extensions, but I am not able to use controller operations.

First - this demo is not from our official docs, so I can’t really help with debugging it, as I don’t know it. The link to the docs is in my first message here - it explains everything you need to know about interactions with other objects, including examples.