Running Documentation locally: "/ not found"

I’m not able anymore to run locally the doc without building using --force. Last time, 3 days ago, all was working fine.

My usual proceed is the one I’ve wrote on the BJS doc, on my fork:

  • git fetch upstream
  • git checkout master
  • git merge upstream/master
  • git push
    (these operations juste update my fork from the official repo)
    then all I have to do is
  • grunt build
  • grunt serve

but during grunt build I get this:

Notice that if I use grunt build --force, I still get errors but the build continues, then grunt serve looks like acting normally (the doc is running). But these errors are probably here for something :slight_smile:

when was the last npm update you have done? Maybe some packages need to be updated.

After a npm update, then during grunt build:

We recently switched to TS 3.7 and I forgot to update the doc site.
It is good now :slight_smile:
Sorry for the inconvenience

Confirmed, it now works like a charm.

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Sorry about the up of this topic, but I’ve once again an issue to build locally the doc. I’m able to run grunt build and grunt serve commands, but with some annoying issues on some pages. Note that I’ve try npm install to be sure having the right packages versions.

  • Fatal error: primordials is not defined error spawned
  • 404 errors on some pages, but not all of them

Our own @RaananW might have a clue ???

Due to the grunt dependency you can build the docs chiefly only with node 10 and lower.
The docs are being rewritten so this will not be an issue in a month or two

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I see that we have a node@10.0.0 into node_modules folder, but how can I tell to use this one instead of my global install ?

Maybe tou could try to use nvm to easily switch node version ?

Yeah I see that, but once nvm installed, no npm command at all was working (even npm -v), so I uninstalled it right after :sweat_smile: Never mind, I’ll wait for the doc rewrite.