`npm run serve` not a script for documents?

the npm config does not even have it, but its referenced in the docs?

In which document? I can’t see it here Start Contributing to Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation nor here NPM - Babylon.js Documentation.

It is definitely in the docs

Running and editing the doc locally

We currently support Node 10 and down. Local build will fail with node 12 and up

In the powershell window at the root of the documentation repo, send a:

npm run build

command and wait. Should the build not occur try npm install , or updating npm , grunt , and grunt-cli .

When it’s done, use:

npm run serve

This will launch the local documentation website on http://localhost:8080

However it is also in my VSCode NPM Scripts for documentation

Ok, it’s in this doc: Improve Documentation - Babylon.js Documentation

But it’s on purpose as it is the way to start the server for the documentation repository (and it does work, it’s what I’m using when I need to update some docs).

Yeah when I run it I get no script exsists and I can’t get a local running

it’s in the package.json here:

wtf I hate my github… I do a pull to sync to the public repo it says I am up to date, but my config does not have this.

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