ScaleGizmo incremental snapping

A way to adjust the snapping behaviour of the scale gizmo so the scaling is not applied to current values.

When scaling a mesh with snapping I want the scaling values to increment like so:
1500 → 1505 → 1510 → 1515 → …

When scaling a mesh using the gizmo scale snapping feature, the current behaviour is the following (snapDistance: 0.05):
1500 → 1575 → 1654 → 1737

The new “snapped” scaling value applies to the current scaling, so 1500 * 1.5 = 1575, and so on.

This makes it really hard to precisely align the scaling of 2 meshes to have the same value in the end.

A way to change this behaviour to incremental snapping would be a great addition to have for the scaling gizmo :slight_smile:

tagging @Cedric

I’m self assigning this thread. I’ll see what I can do or at least open a github issue.


Hey, any updates on this?

No, it’s been delayed a little. I’m doing my best to work on it this week.


We need a “FEATURE DONE” flag :smiley: