Drag distance way too big for higher incremental snap values

If you are working with a bigger scene and set the snapDistance for the scale gizmo to a value like 10 (whilst also having incrementalSnap enabled) it will require to have to drag the gizmo a huge distance in order for the scaling to be applied (or the snapping).

PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#851PUZ#16
(note how in this PG I am working with a bigger scene, meaning the base scale values for the mesh are 100)

The behaviour that I wish to see is that no matter which snapDistance you have set, the distance you have to drag the gizmo in order for the scaling of the mesh to snap to the next value, should always the same.

Should basically be like this for all snapDistance values:

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Did you try to change sensitivity ?

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Somehow completely missed that… Thanks!