Scalling of gizmo arrow

Hello and greetings. I’m going to create an arrow-shaped gizmo. Shown see source code below.
It’s great that I can resize the gizmo, make it bigger, and change it. But only proportionally in all axes equally.

gizmo.scaleRatio = 2;

Is there a way to make the arrow shorter for example? Or simply “scale” only in concrete axes, e.g. “Z”? I would need the arrow shorter. Thank you for your time.

It is not possible as far as I am aware to change the properties of the arrows.

Sounds like it could be a nice addition though. Would you be willing to contribute ?

How can I contribute?

The source code for this is here if you are interested in taking a look. I do not know how new features are approved but I guess if it is simple and adds value then you could go straight to submitting a PR for discussion and eventual approval/merging.


Hi @Johny_Mickey just checking in if there’s anything more you’d like help with :slight_smile: