scene.freezeActiveMeshes() with GLTF transmission

I’m trying to use scene.freezeActiveMeshes() for the large performance improvement, but I have noticed the transmission render target which I assume is created behind the scenes is not being update once scene.freezeActiveMeshes(); has been called…

What is the proper way to get this internal render target and add it to my update list? I notice there isn’t much documentation about this and so I want find out if somebody knows before going into the material pipeline to figure this out.

Can you provide a tiny repro in the playground so that we can have a look ?

Specitrax transmission bug with frozen meshes | Babylon.js Playground (

See it here. It’s simple to cause in any scene with transmission.

Will be addressed by Fix ImageProcessing samples being changed dynamically by sebavan · Pull Request #12219 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Hey there @Nowayz just checking in if you had a chance to check out seb’s fix and if that worked for you :smiley:

It works perfectly now, thank you very much.