Sceneless AssetContainer loading (for instantiateModelsToScene)

As the title says, being able to load a AssetContainer without a scene and only provide a scene when adding to a scene. For example:

let scene = new Scene(engine);
SceneLoader.loadAssetContainerAsync('', 'example.gltf').then(container => {



	//maybe use the last created scene as default?

The primary use case for this would be multi-scene projects that use a model across multiple scenes (e.g. my game). I’ve found loading the 6+ models in every new scene has a huge performance overhead for each scene creation (especially when the number of scenes gets to 10+).

I think this could be possible. Wanna try to send a PR?

I’m assuming we would work on it together?

I’ll be more than happy to provide guidance and review yes!

Sure, I’d love to contribute to the engine!

A couple questions:

  1. what does the scene pending data do (scene._addPendingData/scene._removePendingData)?
  2. what does SceneLoader._LoadData do?

this is used by the scene to check if everything is loaded and ready to go
In this case we can simply ignore it


I’ve been looking at how it all flows together:

SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainerSceneLoader._LoadData(ISceneLoaderPlugin).loadFileScene.prototype._loadFilefileTools.ts / LoadFilefileTools.ts / RequestFile

What does scene._activeRequests do?