I need to optimize the program for a weaker PC. On my primary PC everything works well on a weaker PC but the framerate fluctuates, it’s low, even if I lower the screen resolution … basically the framerate doesn’t increase. I tried to use some optimization here:

But when I use this code:

BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions.HighDegradationAllowed ():

There should be a noticeable degradation of the rendered graphics. But nothing will change. No error will be reported, nothing will happen. Can anyone please show me a working code sample? I also looked at the code samples, see the link above, but I did not receive a functional result.

I got solution today. This question should be closed.

Hello! Are you able to share your solution with us, so that in the future someone else having the same problem can be guided by this answer? :grin:

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