Screenshot with UsingRenderTarget looks strange

creating a screenshot with CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget (same size as canvas) looks completely different from the canvas itself. I looked at the code and see that it’s rendered to a texture first, with some antialiasing as post processing. I can’t figure out what’s going on, how can I make it sharper? I tried TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE, antialiasing on/off, more samples. A higher resolution helps, but it still has the same problem, just less bad and then taking the shot takes way too long.

the screenshot:

and a snippet of the real canvas:

I saw some similar topics, but did not see this one, sorry if I missed it.

I think we will need a repro to be able to help.

At first glance I would say the width/height dimensions you pass to the function are too low and/or you should pass a higher value for samples.

what is too low? Right now I use the exact width and height of the canvas/engine (which in this case is 2560x1440). Setting samples to 256 still looks the same.

I will look into making a repro, but I just call the function.

If i put precision: 2 it looks better already, but then it’s already 2mb. I don’t really get it but I guess I will settle for that then :slight_smile:

256 is likely an invalid value, generally the max value is 2/4/8, depending on the GPU.

ah ok, the screenshot I posted was with samples 8.

Might be an idea to put that in the docs, I had no idea what the current docs meant:
Texture samples (default: 1)