Trouble with Tools.Create Screenshot Using RenderTarget

Hi everyone~
I meet some trouble with Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget.

I create ScreenShoot with size 4096 and sampler 64 (DefaultRenderPipeline sampler), it output 4k texture, but not high definition.It looks like smooth after shoot. I don’t what’s wrong about it.

Picture move near

@Moriy, it would be hard to know without a repro ?

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I don’t know how to use a pg to descript this question. This question is about how to improve quality of screenshoot :face_holding_back_tears:

I can not see the issue in the picture you shared ?

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It seems that bbl use same level of mipmap when I generate 1K/4K screenShoot. Maybe I should find a way to force engine not to use mipmap when size is 4K.

This model use 4K textures which have more detail.
When I get a 4K screenShoot, the result picture looks like to be blur after shooting.

I didn’t have such problems when uploading 4K texture models into the Sandbox and capturing 4K with the Inspector.
What is possible to do:
0. Check how you model looks at 4K canvas without the screenshot. It should be as good as 4K screenshot.

  1. Disable pipeline to see if it has any effect.
  2. Increase the precision parameter.
  3. Change relevant textures sampling mode to something like “Linear and nearest mip” or try other settings.
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Completely agree that your texture should be in high resolution as well or WebGL or any rendering engine wont be able to display higher quality.

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