Seedborn(beta) is launched!

O.O, erm, I guess you haven’t been at lvl 1 in-game yet. I could do the implementation technically OR I could do a trailer show-casing the game at higher lvls. Not both…I need to think on this…

Well, let me know if you can make a generic access and share the login.
Else, I will create my own because I absolutely need to see this :smile:

@Alexander_Sosnovskiy Pushed a fix for Safari. Tested with Safari 15 the game loads, please confirm its working with your account. Thanks!

There’s no rush really, a LOT of game features are not in. Beta is only for the core game loop and for me to gradually add in features. Games like this take a LOOOOOONNGG time to be feature complete. :slight_smile:

For those interested, Seedborn roadmap is as below:

  • mini-games/quests etc (endless jigsaws, gold collecting for low levels)
  • guild creation, application, joining, kicking guildies etc
  • terrain design for tier1/2/3
  • more avatars, more items etc

I’m always open to more ideas (this isn’t really the forum for it) so if anyone wants some feature, drop a PM or reply to this thread. Based on my extensive testing, the real bottleneck are browsers other than Chrome. I’ve experienced long loading times, fps drops when the scene is heavy, large savefile etc. So any viable ideas must be pocket-sized.


In my case performance tuning with Babylon easer than Unity3d) sometimes it is just one line like freezeMatrix or alwaysSelectAsActive.

Another cool thing which helps me increase fps is VAT for characters.

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Wholeheartedly agree. imho, BJS’s biggest win are the people behind it, aka, the super fast responsive team that embrace open source philosophy. Based on past experience with other 3d engines, NOT A SINGLE ONE has a patch release turnround time that can rival BJS’s.

Your ss looks like a good start, maybe try starting a progress thread? It can help keep things going. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Can’t agree more :hugs: It’s no secret anymore though :face_with_hand_over_mouth: People from ‘the Team’ and ‘the Community’ are two essential pillars of BJS success (in my opinion).
And we are just starting yet :smile: Watch out as we will push it ‘to the stars and beyond’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Long live BJS and welcome v6 :champagne:


Yeah, I need another week or two to complete my gameplay features and then will start a thread. Thanks for a good advice!

Major update

  • Added pests, burrows and coupons. Pests give coupons. Burrows replenish upon level up. Minor rework to player status ui to show coupons earned.
  • Added fertilizers, fodder and aquafeed buffs, redeemable with coupons. Items are wip.
  • Added inventory sheds for storing above buffs. Limited to 1 per type per player.
  • Added buffable fields and farms. Respective menus show buff icon and cycles remaining.
  • Added level quests as tutorial. Moved ‘How to Play’ menu to hotkey triggered.
  • Added Bon appetit replayable mini game.
  • Added play as guest option. Guests do not have save game function or gem shop access.
  • raid pantry now defaults to true.
  • reduced audio gain setting.
  • world news now use world map and tooltips for immersive display.
  • plethora of ui improvements, bug fixes, savefile optimizations etc

All accounts are reset! Thanks for all the feedback and playtesting, CC always welcome. Thanks for reading!


Hi there :slight_smile: Awesome work to deploy something that is so well put together:
My first two thoughts:
Maybe I skipped to fast through the “Tutorial Screen” but it took me for ever to find the correct button to plant the first field. I clicked on the “building icon”, expecting to find the field there, just saw the literal building options and moving options and just closed the window again. After 5min I opened the window again and clicked randomly on the blue icon below and found my field.

“Don’t make me think” is a good book title and advice at the same time :smiley:

One other more technical thing: If you try your game ( or any babylonjs default camera ) for that matter, it’s often very annoying to use the pan functionality with the macOS trackpad.
You pan with right mouse clicked hold and then move the mouse. On the track pad this means to press down with two fingers and then swipe. Unfortunatly the “back in history” command in browsers is “swipe with two fingers to the left”. So if you don’t press firmly before swiping you actually just exit your game. Maybe there could be a way to offer the user a “anno like - scroll with the cursor on the side of the screen” functionality.

Hope this counts as constructive feedback!

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Can’t decide if you mean Credit Cards or Constructive Criticism… maybe something else! :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! These are great, devs tend to get lost and blind when deep in development. I’ll add representational icons to the selectors to aid users. You can pan with the arrow keys without using the trackpad (Settings/hotkeys). I’ll make a small mention in the opening ‘Welcome’ screen. Hope it helps!

argh, I make strategy games almost exclusively, I guess this makes me a bad web dev? I’ll try to get my hands on a equivalent locally. Thanks for the recommendation!

Comments and Critiques are always welcome! Constructive or otherwise are fine as well. I can’t do anything with yr credit card, don’t send me those. :smiley:


  • Added all stock fertilizers, fodder and aquafeed buffs. Livestock/seafood buffs are target specific.
  • Added buff icons for all fields, animal/waterfarms. Buffs are replaceable.
  • Added pests to help and loading tips. Targetting pests now come with simple crosshair reticle.
  • Farmhands are now always selectable.
  • Rework buy menu to use world map for more immersion.
  • Replace all basic coupons with fancy coupons.
  • All livestock and seafood now use bjs VAT system.
  • All fields and breeding pens no longer cast shadows, reduced draw calls and improved fps.
  • Minor rework to relic for longer pillar. Made animal farms and breeding pens easier to select.
  • Temp images for relic and bon appetit in menus replaced with vector equivalents.
  • BALANCE: lowered lvls 1-4 sales requirement.
  • BALANCE: reduce bon appetit interval from every 10 min to 20 min. Added estimated time indicator to menu.
  • plethora of ui improvements, bug fixes and added a whole bunch of sfx.

Thanks for all the feedback, cheers!




It’s looking nicer and nicer every update! :smiley:

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This looks stunning

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