Seedborn(beta) is launched!

Love the aesthetic, not in love with the sound effects.

Great work, I think I have a faint memory of this so its cool to see you have stuck with it.

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Same as @Pryme8. Looks very nice and consistent. The sound from the june22 vid is just terrible (sry).

You shouldn’t. As I said, it’s fairly consistent and I believe this is the most important. Sometimes, trying to improve an existing design late in the process is not the best idea. Unless, you feel like redoing it all?

OK, there are a few screens here of there that could still be improved at this stage without all too much effort (in my opinion). Take this screen as an example:

Here I would probably reduce the color theme a little and try to always use the same shapes. Remove some of the bevel or shadow effects on buttons (or have all use the same). Make all corner radius the same. Lesser fonts use and colors and cases in fonts. I believe It would make it cleaner and more readable (and eventually also easier to manage). Of course, my opinion only.
Else, as I said: GJ :clap:

For more, I will wait for a playable. Do you have one? Do you plan on submitting this for the release of v6? I would love to give it a try and I believe it would deserve a place in the video.

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well, sound are based off free assets online and until I get a budget to hire a sfx engineer. Hands are tied at this point. :frowning: I do wonder what you guys are hearing tho, cos it sounds passable on my speakers…hrmm…

Thanks, you remembered! fyi, see the pool of water with some foam at the edges, that’s your water shader! And the shadow on the building, that’s @Evgeni_Popov. And the trees, that’s @jerome. And that yellow boundary, that’s @sebavan…I think, lol and DK ofc. So many people, so many tech for one little game.

Awesome feedback, major thank you! Fortunately, this is one of the stuff I reworked early on.

More icons, less text. Hopefully, this hits all your points. This UI has been a constant thorn as its the most complex one in game. There is a simpler UI to abstract away some functionality but its another story.

Yes, its actually playable but this is at polishing/optimization prior to beta launch. I think I could do another trailer for v6 submission. Fingers crossed the video quality is acceptable.

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Bro if wanting a sfx designer is your limitation post a list of sfx you need. I need an excuse to drop into fl studio and make some blips and ticks. Just put me in the credits if I do :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You have a sfx studio? :heart_eyes: That’s awesome!

Well, the ambience you hear in the trailer clip is one I would kill for to have custom made. Its mp3, 33s long with bit rate of 192kbps. But its the most difficult and time consuming one imo. I think this might need a few iterations to lock down.

I used online text readers for ‘Tasty’, ‘Delicious’, ‘Yummy’ and burping with male/female versions. And they are really flat…cos, you know, text readers. It would be great if you could synth up some cool ones (mp3, 192kbps), remember…candy crush? That’s what I am shooting for.

The rest I think would be passable for launch and I’ll will review thereafter. So 8 for starters…that cool for you?

No problem, pm me your whole title and association. Babylonjs credits already on the logout page, I’ll have yours beside it.

That’s fine, pm me the list of assets you need. :heart:

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For me, the sound FX is very loud. I do like the birds sound. But then in relation to the volume of this ‘ambient’ birds sound, the sounds of i.e. opening a menu or clicking a button is extremely lound (and as I said not very sexy).

Nah. I wouldn’t get that far. I’m no sound eng but I can easily use some effects that makes a sound much better (understand much more in-line with all other sounds). You know what, if you wish you can pass me on some of these samples and I shall run a few fx and normalization on it. And didn’t I just read that @pryme8 also offered the same, so there you go. Besides, I also have some links for free samples which you could also make use of. Really, I wouldn’t invest any money in this at this point.

Yes, I noticed that. Again, I have some tools that can help with this. And then, you know, you could ask the Community to record some samples as a base. I’m sure some people here would gladly give a minute of their time (and voice) to do that. You just need to make a script to make this process ez.

Of course, again, my opinion only and hope this helps.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Edit: If you want to have an idea of what I can do with sound (at my very amateur level), it is me who did the final cut, fx and normalization of the audio for the ‘GUI space adventure’ video (based on the audio track for the release of v5). Shh though, it’s a secret :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin:
Now, I’m sure I cannot compete with @Pryme8 expertise, I won’t even try :wink:, …but I think with little effort I can also help you improve things (in case needed).


Haha, I had the exact same reaction as @mawa. Im not sure how I was going to do the voice acting for him, but was going to send some nice and crispy sfx that are normalized and equalized. Stuff that does not make your right eye twitch every time it fires off XD.

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Awesome, so its a volume thingy. I was worried I might be deaf and not picking up weirdness/distortions. There are volume controls in game, methinks it should be fine. Worse case, I can tweak the gain values in code.

I think that would be too much to ask … of me, that is. :sweat_smile: Tot I could finally get @Pryme8 's ‘Yummy’, ‘Delicious’… in game. Turns out he doesn’t do female voice acting. :laughing:

Awesome! I think I’m even more amateurish than you. At this point, I think we’ll just leave it as a contract job for the professionals when the budget for it materializes. Gonna let them do all the sfx + voice acting as a one piece job. Saves me so much work! :slight_smile:

Why? I think there’s nothing wrong with asking, as long as you are not pushy.
People are free to embark or disregard. I don’t see any issue with this.

May be he does. I don’t know :grin: Some have a voice they can tweak as so that it would (nearly) sound like a female voice.

Your choice of course. But then, don’t worry, I think neither @pryme8 nor myself would have spent days on it. I suppose we both have already a base we can use to just simply ‘sprint’ through the samples (and improving them quite a bit without of course being the top of what you could get from a pro mandate).
In case you change your mind, the offer still stands (for me).
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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Thank you, sincerely! :heart: Just that I’m Hand Solo and having to reach out to community for assets means another item to my 12km long to-do list. And no Chewbacca means no furry assistant for all this low-priority tasks <insert chewbacca emoticon>. Sob, sob…gonna go polish my pew pew gun…

There I’ve done it, the game is live now. You can play it


Now let the bug reports fly… :grin: OP and thread title is updated. As usual, comments/critiques/feedback are always welcome!

Cheers! :slight_smile: :pray:


WOOOOOO GRATS! :tada: :tada: :tada:

I do have something to report lol :rofl: I got this error:
which might be making the images not load?

That’s weird, I can load the page just fine. The error should not stop you from loading the site. I wonder if you might be behind a firewall? If possible, could you PM the results of the network tab in console?

Doesn’t work on Safari 16.1 (macOS)

the unsafe inline css things got me a while back for the first time. It is terrible , libraries like greensock cant work without it etc…

you have to use unsafe-inline attribute to get rid of this now

Heyas, thanks for all the replies and feedback. I have to say that the entire development of Seedborn is targeted at Chrome, largely because of the maturity of Webgl2 implementation. It also works in Firefox but it is really the baseline. MS Edge doesn’t support avifs which means you don’t get visuals as the game uses almost entirely avifs for images.

@Alexander_Sosnovskiy I don’t have a Mac :(. And I’ve done zero testing/development on Safari. I will look into this asap, thank you for the heads up. In the meantime, please try either Chrome/Firefox and lemme know if it works?

Could you also create a generic access for us so we don’t need to login with our own credentials or create a login, just for the time of the launch?
I don’t know for v6 but I think I remember that for the submissions for v5, a guest access or generic login access was a requirement, wasn’t it? @PirateJC ?


Correct, for promotion of things made in Babylon we generally ask for no login/signup wall between the user and the demo experience. This way there is zero friction for people to be able to experience your creation.

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man this is beautiful!

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